Friday, October 31, 2014

Sweet Autumn

Here it is - October 31st already. While we move all our websites to the cloud, I've had to create a new blog site. I'm still fiddling with it - so please excuse the dust, misalignment, and design.

My smart phone informs me that I have 2031 days until retirement! Yes, that's just 5 years, 7 months away. So what are we doing to prepare?

  • Building our retirement house (should be completed in December sometime)
  • Taking watercolor classes (all I want to do is paint!)
  • Increasing our 401K and other investments
  • Bought our RV ( for extended travel
  • Downsizing drastically
and the list goes on.

It has begun to rain here in the Pacific Northwest. It seems earlier than usual - but I was able to paint a beautiful leaf I found earlier this month, using Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils. All my paintings here were done with watercolor pencils as part of Dion Dior's Water Soluble Art - Watercolor Pencils. Check out the link to the right to find out more about her other classes.

Autumn has been my favorite time of year for many reasons - cooler days after scorching summers; squash, pumpkins and the wonderful bounty harvested from our home garden.

I was surprised when I went out last weekend and I found this almost ripened tomato clinging to the water soaked vine. But the way the light fell on the green tomato was fascinating. I tried to capture it with my watercolor pencils quickly outdoors and then went inside to melt the pencil with water. 

And today being Halloween, my mind wanders back to when I was young, and my children were going out for their first trick or treats. Such fun!

And finally I want to share my sketch of Brunhilda, the good witch. I created this for the children of my watercolor instructor. Brunhilda was a fun addition to my October sketchbook.

Thanks for stopping in! I hope to see you again!