Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Move is Complete and We are Settled!

Thanks for stopping by! I've been gone because we moved to our new home in the first quarter of 2015!

It's weird when you've dreamed of something for so long, and you've planned every little detail, and you watched it be built, and you tire of just can't imagine of the time that you'll actually have it. Well, after an entire year (we started on January 11, 2014) of looking at homes, making the decision to build, designing our floor plan, waiting for permits, watching the house slowly be erected, closed in and finished, we closed on January 29, 2015.

The move was uneventful - we had anticipated moving in December so we'd packed the majority of our things back on Thanksgiving weekend. Then the longest, arduous wait began. The completion date kept slipping, and finally it was done. The movers showed up on time and did the move. Nothing broken or damaged.

More amazingly than the year's wait and a 16-hour move, is the fact that we built our dream home. Exactly what we wanted. Our furniture is lovely arranged just as we imagined and the paintings on the walls are perfect. It's just perfect and we could not be happier.

My new studio is also perfect - a place for everything and a huge, organized closet of art supplies is a dream come true.

We are completely unpacked and settled and my father is currently visiting from California. Next week I get to begin painting again. I've missed it so!

Looking forward to rejoining Paint Party Friday!