Watercolor Gallery

Here you will find some of my paintings - many done with Twinkling H20's - a luminescent watercolor paint - it gives your art a brilliant perspective.

As I learned water color painting I used many different kinds of substrates. Black paper, cold pressed, hot pressed, different weights,  even Yupo! Also, different paints, watercolor pencils, inks and markers. Hope you enjoy!

I'm currently organizing my work and will be posting scans instead of photos soon, in an organized fashion. Please check back soon!


  1. Awesome collection... keep it up....

  2. Hey Chris - nice of you to stop by - I have so much more to post and I'm getting better and better all the time. I need to revamp this as soon as we get the yard landscaped and work settles some. Grandson just graduated from high school last Sunday so just got back from AR. Always seems life gets in the way of art. Hope you are doing well! :-)