Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Poured Acrylics - What's it all about?

I was so surprised discovering all about Poured Acrylic paintings 3 weeks ago. I've since created over 40 of them and love each one for different reasons - here are some photographs! Thanks for stopping by - hoping you are enjoying your July!!

Inspired by the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Campfire Smoke

Dark Shadows


Forest Fire

Gold Pool

 Grand Canyon


Lavender Dreams

Malloy's Lake

Mt. Saint Helens

 Nile River

 This one was too big to scan in on my printer - so it's dark and murky - turn it sideways to the left and it's a surfer's Pacific Curl.

 Purple Poppy

Reminds me of Saturn - don't know why - so it's name is: Saturn.


The gold is not real apparent on this one - but it's there - and therefore
appropriately named: Sutter Hill.

 Nile River

 Teal Wonder

 My Favorite - NOT FOR SELL

 The Serpent

Unicorn Soup - why not? :-)

Violet Lace

Violet Lava

Violet Volcano
Just happened to have a cell turn into a heart at the end! WOW. I like that. 

When I tried it again, I just got sea foam. :-)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wow - it's been a while - eh?

Since March we've been decorating our new retirement home, landscaping and just enjoying life, in general!

I was so unmotivated to paint lately, but did a couple of online workshops and watched a couple of youtube videos to gain some inspiration. Pinterest helps too.

So I've been dabbling. This painting was inspired by Tim Wilmot. It's a copy of his painting demo, so I want to be sure to credit him!
Reminds me of walking around in York, England where the modern blends with the historical so well,

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Move is Complete and We are Settled!

Thanks for stopping by! I've been gone because we moved to our new home in the first quarter of 2015!

It's weird when you've dreamed of something for so long, and you've planned every little detail, and you watched it be built, and you tire of just can't imagine of the time that you'll actually have it. Well, after an entire year (we started on January 11, 2014) of looking at homes, making the decision to build, designing our floor plan, waiting for permits, watching the house slowly be erected, closed in and finished, we closed on January 29, 2015.

The move was uneventful - we had anticipated moving in December so we'd packed the majority of our things back on Thanksgiving weekend. Then the longest, arduous wait began. The completion date kept slipping, and finally it was done. The movers showed up on time and did the move. Nothing broken or damaged.

More amazingly than the year's wait and a 16-hour move, is the fact that we built our dream home. Exactly what we wanted. Our furniture is lovely arranged just as we imagined and the paintings on the walls are perfect. It's just perfect and we could not be happier.

My new studio is also perfect - a place for everything and a huge, organized closet of art supplies is a dream come true.

We are completely unpacked and settled and my father is currently visiting from California. Next week I get to begin painting again. I've missed it so!

Looking forward to rejoining Paint Party Friday!

Friday, December 26, 2014

New Beginnings

With next week being the beginning of a new year, I've decided to step out of my comfort zone and do some paintings of things I wouldn't normally do - using techniques that I haven't used before. The way we learn and grow is by stepping outside the box and reaching for new heights.

As a beginning artist (I'm a 1-year old), I have so much to learn, but I find I get stuck in a rut just painting the same things over and over again and while I see improvement, I am bored. There are only so many flowers I can paint in a year. What really gives me energy and stamina to keep on going is to paint those things I've had an adventure around - so travel, doing something fun, and painting from my own photos is what gives me energy. When I know the story about what I'm painting I just can't seem to get enough. Where I'd really like to go next is painting dancers. My husband and I do ballroom dancing - it's wonderful! I've never done "people" before so this will be interesting and you'll see my first attempt below.

So this week, being Christmas week I did a few quick paintings. One is of Waddesdon Manor near London. The other I did using masking fluid to create a woodsy scene. For both of these I was experimenting with Twinkling H2Os, luminescent water color paint from ColourArte ( I'm always wanting to learn more about shadow and light so that is what these two paintings are all about. Bringing pieces of the painting forward and leaving the rest in the background. Making shadows and creating light. Oh, so many painters out there make it look so easy to do but it's the one thing I struggle with the most.

I also did not want to paint the building a horrible limestone color. I like for my paintings to reflect emotion, so I went with the colors to make it feel happy but regal - it was a happy time to visit the manor and the woods also make me happy. So that's why all the color!

The third painting is my first "dancers" painting. I think it turned out pretty good - It was difficult to control the Twinks from a flesh color perspective. I will need to figure out how best to paint flesh in the future - could be I need to use normal watercolor paints - although I really like the sparkle effect on the female dancer's tights! I also now see that the painting was not entirely flat on the scanner so there are some shadows in the upper right and right side.

Thanks for stopping by! Please leave me a comment - thanks so much.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winter Holiday

Three out of the last four winter holidays, we've spent in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It's such a delightful place; the residential area south of the Rio Cuale is teeming with ex-pats from Canada and the USA. Even though I speak Spanish fluently, my husband does not - but no worries! Someone speaks English within a ten-foot radius at all times.

The first year we visited PV, we spent half of everyday doing something fun and exiciting: swimming with the dolphins, jet skiing, parasailing, visiting the beaches on the southern end of Banderas Bay, and zip-lining through the jungle. The second visit encompassed walking the entire beachfront (along the Malecon) and inland in the downtown areas. It was hard climbing the hill to see Liz Taylor and Richard Burton's past homes and the famous pink bridge connecting the two. A visit to Mismaloya showed us where they made their famous movie (and thus putting PV on the resort map), Night of the Iguana.

This visit however, we chose to only hike and shop locally, spend time reading by the pool (between my husband and myself we finished 9 books!), painting and relaxing, which we so sorely needed. It was a fantastic reprieve from building our next home, working 65-hour weeks, and commuting. We always rent a condo from - where Eileen Key is the ultimate property manager and entrepreneur. Eileen will make anyone's visit to PV a dream come true.

So here are some of my works from Mexico! Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.

I love the old, traditional style of architecture. Here is a home, just 3 blocks off the Malecon, with shuttered windows keeping out the heat and lovely balconies to sit and gaze at the ocean.

The condo we stayed in is also of traditional Mexican architecture. Each room is divided by these folding glass doors -  and these are the ones leading out onto the balcony/patio from the kitchen. 

Here is a plant, growing by the pool but not sure what these are called. I've been researching and just can't find any information on them. They have a 2" stalk that is just covered in spiny needles. The plant stands about 8" tall and the flower heads remind me of hydrangeas in how they form balls, but that is the only likeness they have. 4-5 small heads in the stamen area, surrounded by golden pigment. Bright pink and red petals. The day after I painted this, the iguanas were eating it. Two days later, the plant had no blossoms at all.

This water color pencil was inspired by the Puerto Vallarta Playa de los Muertos (Beach of the Dead) and el Dia de los Muertos (November 1st or All Saint's Day). It was just a fun, quick pencil sketch of a skull. Seeing skeletons and skulls at this time of year in PV is very common.

And, lastly here is a water wheel that I just completed this morning.

Happy Holidays to you all! I'm taking next week off, so Happy New Year, too!

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Friday, November 28, 2014

A season of gratitude

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We spent the day together packing the upstairs of our house  since we are moving around New Year's. It's the only time we really had to make a concerted effort to get things packed. So we popped the turkey in early, along with the stuffing. At 4 PM we sat down to a simple dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing and a fresh spinach salad.

I didn't get much done this week in terms of painting as we are also leaving on vacation Tuesday (planned long before the house move). So here is my work in progress. I painted it from a photo reference I found on Google Images. It still has a long ways to go with the leaves and background - but it's getting there.

I'm so thankful for the instructors that teach me art - - - and I also appreciate those in class with me for all their encouragement and comments. I'm also thankful for people who stop by to see the blog and give me feedback on my work. THANK YOU.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Paint Party Friday / Friday Sketches!
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Purple Diversity

Here is what I've been up  to this week! I've been so busy with my sick husband, working full-time and packing to move, I painted away my stress every night...

The first thing I did was to paint some purple Gerber daisies for a friend for Christmas. I found a great steal at Michael's on wooden frames last night so that will work perfectly!

Still in the purple mood, I painted some Saskatoon berries using a very watery technique. I really like how they turned out.

Continuing with my purple theme, I did a few scenes on postcard size watercolor paper:

It's amazing to see all the purple in our surroundings. I hadn't given it much thought until I went through this week's work. Purple x 4. 

So on Thursday night I painted something blue. Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!

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