Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Thinking Out Loud

Discovering ways to make my abstract acrylics pop with emotion and take the viewer by surprise. I'm sort of leaning towards seascapes, the sea coast, shore, or beach - whichever you prefer to call it. I love the texture of sand, surf and foam, the sweet green colors that range from teal to sage, seaweed, sand dollars and crabs for a hint of orange-brown for contrast. How I love the waves that crash endlessly upon the sand, some dark and ominous and others pale in comparison and submissive to earth.

I love the look of encaustic - but have no desire to catch the house on fire again using hot plates to melt wax, blow torches, butane torches or other fire-y sorts of tools and techniques. So how can I recreate these encaustic-like paintings that reflect the true nature and texture of the coast? Well...

Doing some research, it looks like Liquitex offers all sorts of texture mediums to mix with the paint, so like in ecaustics, mixing sand with the wax and color, I can add the Liquitex to my acrylics to achieve that same beautiful texture to my non-encaustic paintings. YAY!

Their "effects mediums" line includes the following (found here!):

Black Lava
Fabric Effects
Ceramic Stucco
Blended Fibers
Natural Sand
Resin Sand
and more!

I'm going to order some of these and experiment - watch for the latest developments here!

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